Emergency Roof Repair

Emergency Roof Repairs in Toms River, Blackwood, & Nearby

What to do during hail damage & a roof emergency in South Jersey and Bucks County, PA

Tree collapse on roof

Emergency roof repairs are often unexpected – that's why we respond quickly and efficiently.

No homeowner wants to experience a roofing emergency, but sometimes Mother Nature has other plans. When a roofing crisis strikes, Grand View Roofing & Exteriors is ready with the expertise and equipment to provide quick and effective emergency roof repairs for all roof leaks and damage.

While proper maintenance and repairs can protect your roof, some damage is out of your control. Emergency roof repairs are needed when:

  • The problem requires immediate attention
  • The roof damage is potentially dangerous
  • The risk to your roof and home is significant

If you need emergency roof repairs or any of our other roofing services, click below to schedule a free estimate! We proudly serve New Jersey homeowners in Upper Darby, Blackwood, Toms River, and areas nearby.

Common types of roofing emergencies

roof emergency repair

We provide quick and reliable emergency roof repairs to get your home back to normal.

Obvious emergencies include water rushing into the home through a new leak, a gaping hole created by a fallen tree line, or missing shingles from high winds. Many emergency roof repairs are needed after a severe storm or other weather events. Regardless, Grand View Roofing & Exteriors can help with the following:

  • Aging & exposure: Years of natural wear, severe weather, and sun exposure can weaken the roof and cause emergencies, including leaks, holes, and a rotting structure.
  • Fallen tree damage: A fallen tree limb puts the entire home at risk and can weaken the roofing structure. Even if the damage doesn't seem severe, there still may be a danger.
  • Damaged asphalt shingles & roof decking: Damaged roof decking and shingles can lead to a significant roof leak and expose the home to the elements.
  • Incorrect installation: Without a reliable roof installation, there is no guarantee that the system can protect the home from the elements or stand the test of time. Any number of factors can cause the roof to leak or break down.
  • Flashing failures: If the flashing around roof penetrations, including chimneys, vent stacks, and dormers, is installed incorrectly or becomes damaged, then this can lead to a significant roof leak.

What to remember during a roof emergency

Stay safe! While waiting for a professional roofing contractor like Grand View Roofing & Exteriors, who has experience providing emergency roof repairs, follow these three guidelines:

  • Don't go up on the roof: A damaged roof is a dangerous environment, so you should let a professional be the first to check it out.
  • Call your insurance company: Your insurance company will send an adjuster to appraise the damage and help you with the cost of emergency roof repairs, plus a place to stay if roof problems are too severe.
  • Contact Grand View Roofing & Exteriors: We quickly respond and send one of our servicemen to your property. Remember that if the emergency happens during a hurricane, severe hailstorm, or other hazardous conditions, we may need to wait until the danger subsides to ensure the safety of our crew.
  • Protect the interior: If the home is safe, cover leaks and holes in living areas with tarps, buckets, or other waterproof items. This will collect water and protect surfaces from the elements until help arrives.
  • Inspect the roof visually: Inspect your roof from a safe distance on the ground to note debris and possible roof damage.

Our emergency roof repair services

Having severe roof damage can be a scary experience. So choosing a qualified roofer ready to offer a quick, reliable response can make all the difference. Many less-than-reputable companies will take advantage of homeowners after severe weather or a disaster, demanding large deposits and never finishing the job.

But there is no reason to worry, Grand View Roofing & Exteriors is licensed, insured, and trained to deal with any roofing emergency you may have. We use top-quality materials and the best solutions to protect your home after a roofing emergency.

  • Inspect the damage: Do not climb onto the roof to assess damages. If you can, document problems and take photos from a safe distance on the ground for your insurance company. Once one of our professionals arrives, they will safely inspect the area and evaluate all damages.
  • Tarping: Do not attempt to tarp the roof on your own. DIY tarping is dangerous and can lead to serious injury. Plus, tarping the area yourself can also cause additional damage to the property if done incorrectly. A professional will securely tarp your roof to protect the home from the elements.
  • Assessing the structure: If the structural integrity is compromised, a roofer may advise you to find somewhere to stay until they repair the system.

Emergency hail & storm damage repairs in Greater Toms River

Severe storm damage and hail can wreak havoc on a roof. But whether the roof damage is from gusting winds, torrential rains, heavy snow, or large hailstones, Grand View Roofing & Exteriors will provide a quick and reliable response for:

  • Missing or broken shingles
  • Damage to the underlayment
  • Heavy roof leaks
  • Fallen tree limbs

Depending on the type of storm, our crew may need to wait until conditions are safe before coming to the property. So the first thing we advise is to stay clear of the roof and not climb up to evaluate the damage or tarp any holes.

Once at your home, our roofers safely inspect all roof damage. Then, we securely tarp exposed areas, providing temporary protection from the elements and preventing secondary damage. Afterward, we recommend roof leak repairs or other types of roofing services to restore the system's structural integrity. 

Contact us for quick & reliable emergency roof repairs

Grand View Roofing & Exteriors can handle any emergency roof repairs you need. If your home has leaks, wind damage, or other problems that require immediate attention, make us your first call to get fast, effective solutions.

We offer free estimates on roofing services to New Jersey homeowners in Wilmington, Trenton, Levittown, Cherry Hill, Bensalem, Jackson, Vineland, and nearby.

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